I usually don’t write reviews on anything but when I do find something that exceeds my expectations I just can’t keep it to myself. I have been buying vapes for quite a while now, basically ever since they have been on the market. I know that out there we have many vape flavors to choose from, they range from strong tobacco all the way up to the weirdest sweet candy-like flavor that we can think of. Now-a-days luckily the variety of flavors for vapes has increased tremendously, all for the pleasure of us the consumers.

Recently I visited a friend of mine who introduced me to the Malibu E-liquid he got from this Halo Cigs Coupon. I have tried many vapes in the past but none like this ever. So far I have tried pretty much everything out there in the world of vapes but honestly in my opinion nothing compares to this Malibu E-liquid. It starts pretty smooth and then it intensifies and releases in your mouth with the flavors that take you straight to a beach vacation. The level of intensity of this vape is just quite perfect, has the pineapple note with the subtle coconut note and with the right amount of menthol that makes this truly perfection in a bottle. The flavor of the pineapple mixed with the coconut is your ticket to paradise.

Halo cigs couponMalibu E-liquid is relaxing and after using it several times I can honestly tell you that it has no bitter aftertaste. Whoever came up with this flavor should be considered employee of the year because to me is a hit. After I found it I stock up on it every time I have a chance to purchase it since I have noticed it has been flying off the shelves. If you have not tried it yet, honestly you have no idea of what you are missing. I highly recommend you give it a try right away. I promise you will be as pleased as I was to found this vape. Malibu E-liquid is definitely my new favorite and I tell you I can’t live without it.

Despite trying many flavors from different brands this has become my number one, I just keep going back to it. I am at the point that every vape I try I compare to this one, that’s how good it tastes. From all the vapes I have tried this is by far the best hands down with no comparison. Some people shy away from these flavors if they are heavy tobacco flavor fans, but trust me you need to try this because you will be blown away and pleasantly surprised. When you try this Malibu E-Liquid you will become a repeat customer just like me. Paradise is just a drop away.